Friday, November 29, 2013

Festive for (Black) Friday

Woohoo! Black Friday! So I actually love Black Friday. I love that it's the kick off for the Christmas holiday season, spending time with family and hitting the stores for some good old fashioned shopping (although I am NOT one of those people who is up at 4 am. I want to sleep in and have some coffee and bagels before facing the masses).

But the real reason I love Black Friday is that it's the day we adopted Friday the kitten in 2008. He was only a few months old at the time, and he was the last of his litter to be adopted from the Humane Society. The volunteers told us that they had a hard time adopting out black cats because of the superstition that they're bad luck. We were having none of that. When I held the little kitten and he attacked the collar of my pea coat with his cute little kitten teeth I knew he was the perfect little cat.

Fast forward a few years.

I still love my cat, and I still celebrate him every year on Black Friday. But he is a TROUBLEMAKER. Of course you'll see him featured on Caturday, but he's also "helpful" outside of the sewing room. A few examples.

Friday helping to celebrate my 30th birthday by attacking the ribbon that my birthday balloon was on. Poor Frank the Flamingo didn't have a chance and was bouncing along the ceiling within a day of coming home.

Mom, me, Dad and Frank the Flamingo.

He also enjoys sitting on his mommy's lap and making sure I don't forget about him.

Which is important since he has competition in the house for my affections, and not just from CatCat. 

See how he's NEXT to the laundry basket? Don't think that lasted more than a few minutes. In the laundry basket of clean clothes is one of his happy places. 

Of course, his happiest place is always in a box. And what better box than one with fabric! 

So whatever you're doing today, shopping or sewing. Shoveling or sleeping. Stuffing yourself with leftover or sitting with your pet. Mom, Friday and I (and CatCat, too) hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend. 

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