Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Storing the Stash-Works in Progress

As you may have noticed, both Mom and I seem to have a lot of Works in Progress. Let's just say that we're not worried about running out of WIPs to share on this blog anytime soon. Admittedly, this makes Mom's idea for storing WIPs even better as it allows one to contain, corral and organize everything. 

Her solution? 12x12 Scrapbook Cases.   

 I love these cases for storing WIPs for a couple of reasons.

1. The 12x12 size pretty much accommodates the biggest blocks I work on.

2. They're transparent. I love being able to see what's in a box and grab the right one on the first try. Even the ones that are tinted are still see through, so you could go crazy and color code if you wanted to.

3. They stack! As you can see in the picture of some of Mom's cases above, they stack neatly and compactly. This is also handy when you realize you've run out of empty cases and need to buy more; you know they'll stack together! 

4. It makes it easy to keep EVERYTHING together for a quilt or craft. Fabric, patterns, books, thread, even partially completed blocks can be kept in the same place. 

5. It's easy to add a label, if you feel so inclined. Use a taped down sticky note or even a piece of masking tape to label the project. When you finish (ha!) you can just pull it off and the box is ready to hold your newest WIP. 

How do you store your Works in Progress?

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