Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fun at Jo-Ann Fabric!

A few weeks ago, I checked my email and found this photo from my dad with the subject line "Having fun at Jo-Ann Fabric" and just had to laugh.

Dad has this fabric and crafting store thing down to a science. He carries a paperback book or his Kindle in his jacket pocket at all times when he and Mom go out to run any kind of errands together. If Mom detours into a fabric store, Dad makes a beeline for the pattern section where he KNOWS he will find chairs and a table. And then he makes himself at home and let's Mom do her thing while he reads and waits more or less patiently.

Although there have been a few occasions where he's been tempted to go and drag Mom away from the cutting counter (my understanding is that this only happens when she's several HOURS in), he's generally a good sport. 

The best part; he then gets to carry everything out to the car for her! 

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  1. And, the coat I am wearing was made by Linda from a Frost Line kit in the mid 1970's. It is my spring/fall jacket. I love the big pockets in it that are perfect for a paperback or tablet for our journeys to fabric stores.