Monday, January 6, 2014

DADcat Monday!

Today we deviate from our usual "Momcat Monday" schedule to bring you a few words from the other side of the fabric stash, Dad. 

Take it away, Dad!

Living With a Quilter

As you may have read, Linda and I have season tickets to the University of Nebraska-Omaha hockey team (Go MAVS!). On a past Saturday I was working in the yard and came into the house to have supper and get ready to go to the game. Linda said to me, “Would you like a Reuben sandwich for supper?” I said, “That sounds good.”, thinking how nice it was for her to offer to make it for me. Then, the light bulb went off over my head. I turned to her and said, “Uh?” And she responded by saying, “That’s right. I’ve got fabric  to cut out!”

She did buy me refreshments.

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