Friday, January 3, 2014

Festive for Friday

1. Discovering the Huffington Post article talking about the coldest colleges in the U.S. I went to Luther College, listed at #14. I'm starting to wonder if this is why I now live in California (predicted high temp in SF today-68 F). 

2. It's the new year! Not only do I LOVE setting resolutions, but Prairie Sewn Studios is gearing up to have a stellar year with our book coming out (hopefully) this month! 

3. Being re-united with my helper cats! They were on "vacation" at Mom and Dad's house while I got settled in SF, and it sure is nice to have them back, even if I'd forgotten quite how "helpful" they could be! I'm sure I'll have PLENTY of good pictures for Caturday! Although Mom misses having them around, I think she's also a little bit excited to have cat-free sewing surfaces again! 

4. Quilty and crafty Pinterest boards! Here are a few of my favorites to browse through: 
5. The Washington Post listing "nerdy quilts" as the top DIY gift for 2013! Woohoo quilts! 

What made your week festive? 

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