Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday-A Variation

This week I'm sharing photographic evidence of why all of the Work in Progress Wednesdays have been a project from Mom. No, it's not because I'm an amazing (and mythical!) quilter who doesn't have ANY WIPs, but it's just that my sewing room is still unpacked and is an absolute disaster! 

I took this photo using the panoramic feature on my iphone, so while it makes the room look a lot bigger than it really is, I think it does a fairly good job capturing the essence of the chaos. It's taking a long time to get unpacked in part because I'm now living in earthquake country! That means that tall objects such as bookcases and the like need to be firmly attached to the walls to prevent them from falling over and potentially landing on a human (or cat!) in the event of an earthquake. My apartment is carpeted, and so while my bookcases are fine temporarily, that cabinet on the far right of the picture has glass doors and is SUPER front heavy so I can't even get it to stand up without falling over. I have all the supplies to get it bolted into the wall, and hope to finish that this weekend so I can unpack my fabric!

I did FIND the box with some of my WIPs in it, though, and managed to get them unpacked into their place. That counts as progress, right?

What have you been working on lately? 

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