Friday, February 28, 2014

Festive for Friday-Finding the Good.

For this week's Festive for Friday I'm doing something a little different and focusing on one thing that had a positive impact on my week, instead of a list of fabulous and festive items that caught my eye over the past week. Today's blog has nothing to do quilting.

I like to joke that I get all of my news from Facebook. Except it's not a joke; I don't read the news. Or watch it on TV or listen to it on NPR. I actually haven't read the news for several years because I found that for the most part it was so negative so much of the time that it just made me sad.

I also didn't like the constant repetition of the same stories, over and over again. I might have 30 friends who post the same thing on Facebook but the beauty of the medium is that I can just scroll on past everything I don't want to take my energy.

It's been a rough couple of weeks in both households that comprise Prairie Sewn Studios. So today, when I was tired of staring at Facebook I did a search for "good news" and discovered that there is an entire world of journalism that focuses on the positive that exists in the world. It started with Huffpost Good News, and then I found the links at the bottom of the their front page. Here are a few of them:

The Chronicle Of Philanthropy
CNN Heroes
The Daily Good
Daily Inspire News
Good News Network
Good News Stories
Great News Network
Greater Good Magazine
NBC Making A Difference
Only Positive News
Optimist World

Sure, some of the stories are a little cheesy or are the same ones I've already clicked through on through social media. But that's ok. Good news DOES exist. Happy news DOES exist. Clearly I'm not the only one on the internet looking for good things that have happened to counter the bad. And this week, finding at least one place in the universe that embraces the good and happy in the world certainly made me a bit more festive.

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