Monday, June 30, 2014

Containers from Our Students #1.

We received a super exciting email earlier this spring, when one of the students from Mom's class at Cut Up and Quilt emailed us pictures of the cubes she completed after taking the class! 

Cindy says:
I finished my box from the class I took at Cut Up and Quilt last week and I found the glass container to put inside it.

Thank you for teaching the class.  Now I can't wait to make a vase.

We're so grateful that Cindy shared the photos of her completed projects with us! Hopefully she (and our other readers, too!) will continue to make projects from our book and send us pictures of their work!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Quilt Stores-Quilter's Dream.

So as you can tell from some of our posts, Mom took a road trip from Nebraska out to Colorado earlier this year, stopping at as many quilt shops as she could sneak in a long the way. Today she's sharing her adventures from Quilter's Dream Quilt Shop.

Take it away, Mom!

Where are you little quilt shop? Sometimes the addresses on the GPS don't quite correlate with the shop address. But never fear, we were able to find the Quilter's Dream Quilt Shop in Loveland, Colorado. This "new" quilt shop wasn't officially open the first time we stopped - oh yes, we stopped again on our way home to Omaha!

Jackie and Sharon were delightful to talk with; the shelves are slowly being filled with fabric and patterns (it does help to deliver goods to the correct store!).

And I talked with Sharon about making the T-shirt quilt without using interfacing as well as the '10 Minute' Blocks Quilt (Design Originals; quilt designs by Suzanne McNeil).

Sharon informed me that she had quilters completing the block in 8 minutes. Their version using polka dots was adorable. Hmmmm, I wonder how it would look using hexagon fabric instead of polka dots? And yes, I do have both patterns!

Now to find the time to sew! Don't worry, the Hubby continued to read as well as telling me to take my time! What a wonderful guy!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Paducah 2014-Remaindering Class.

Our second class at the AQS 2014 Paducah Show was Remaindering with Karen K. Stone

This class was definitely more of a stretch for both Mom and me, as it used a more abstract technique where layers were sewn together, cut apart, and then more layers were added. 

You can see the transition in the two photos below, and how the look of the block changes as each additional fabric is added.

This is definitely a technique that takes a bit of time to understand, and bit of turning your block every which way and muttering to make sure you get the fabric strips lined up right. Karen made good use of the white board in the classroom to provide a visual we could refer to as we worked.

Here is Mom's finished block!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Momcat Monday-Pillow Bed.

Welcome to Momcat Monday, where Mom takes over the blog and shares our adventures in her own words. Take it away, Mom! 

This is a project that I made for my great-nephew on my husband's side of the family. It's a pillow bed that can fold up or be laid out flat. The photos show two of  the four pockets stuffed with pillows.

It was extremely simple to make; in fact, I serged most of the pillow bed! As shown below, it can also be easily tied up into a roll so that you can take it with you in the car to a sleepover.  The pattern was created by Jacey Martin for Quilter's Quarters.

I thought my great-nephew would get a kick out of this dinosaur fabric. What boy wouldn't love this pillow bed to use camping, reading or just hanging out!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Quilt Stores-Material Girl.

Another Friday, and another quilt store from Mom's latest road trip. Take it away, Mom!

My (Mom's) husband is a great supporter of my quilting habit, so on our recent drive to Denver, we stopped at the Material Girl Quilt Shop in Grand Island, Nebraska (this was actually the first of several quilt shops during this trip).

I always enjoy visiting this shop since it carries bright, colorful fabrics and has many new quilts on display.

Of course, my husband always finds a place to sit and read one of his many books he keeps on hand to occupy his time while I shop.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Paducah 2014-Sashiko Class.

Although we kept super busy at the 2014 Paducah show with author happenings from the book, we still had time to take a few classes. First up, Sashiko with Pepper Cory

This was a great class because not only did we have time to complete a Sashiko sample project, but also were able to learn about the history of Sashiko and see lots of examples from Pepper's collection. 

Sashiko is a traditional Japanese style of stitching that originated as functional embroidery and has evolved into a more decorative stitching in today's modern quilting world. 

The traditional colors are white thread on a navy background, but as you can see in Pepper's examples, you can always modify and make it your own! Mom and I both LOVED this class. It was fun to learn about the history of Sashiko, but also to have the time in class to try our hand at (and even finish!) our own sample block. We're also excited about experimenting with using Sashiko as a focal point on the side of one of our containers

Monday, June 16, 2014

Momcat Monday-Our First Trunk Show.

Momcat Monday is where Mom tells us about her adventures in sewing, quilting and crafting in her own voice. Take it away, Mom! 

In March I presented my first Trunk Show at Country Traditions in Fremont, Nebraska. It was held at a retreat - You Know You're a Quilter When...Retreat.

This was a bit of a challenge for me since most of our samples for our book were still in Paducah with our editor! The staff's suggestion of a power point presentation saved me and worked well since I had photographed every sample sent to the American Quilter's Society.

The presentation was given with a combination power point presentation using different samples representing chapters in our book, samples constructed and still at my house in Omaha, and an explanation of what our experience was in writing a book.

This retreat was also tons of fun - I made new friends and enjoyed the camaraderie of many quilters. There was plenty of room for sewing, cutting, and ironing as well as a "classroom" area for showing new products and techniques. I can't wait for the fall retreat!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Festive for Friday-June 13.

Here are five things to help get you in that fun and festive mood for the weekend!

1. We've been sharing some of the quilt stores that Mom stopped at on her road trip to Colorado. I ran across one she hadn't been to, the Loopy Ewe. Read about how they got started on Fresh Lemons blog or visit the Loopy Ewe website.

Photo from

2. Sometimes when I work I listen to music or watch Netflix, but another option might be listening to Podcasts. Dear Handmade Life put together a list of 16 Podcasts that I'm going to check out the next time I need something to listen to as a I sew!

Photo from

3. Mary Fons also appears to have had this same challenge and has responded by working on a "While You Sew" series with Craft University. Her blog post explains the problem with watching something intense on Netflix perfectly; either you miss the plot of the show or you mess up all of your sewing!

Photo from

4. Last weekend I took a MUCH needed mini-vacation to visit a college friend in Minneapolis. It was three days of not thinking about work, not being stepped on in my sleep by the cats and consuming lots of good food and drink.

5. Having NO plans for this Friday night. I'm going to finish work, hit the gym, eat dinner and spend some quality time at home alone with the cats and my sewing machine! I've been traveling a lot (for work and for pleasure) and the cats are definitely not thrilled with me. Or with my suitcase.

What's made YOUR week festive?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Paducah 2014-Ricky Tims Concert.

So we're taking a break from our usual Work in Progress Wednesdays for the next few weeks to share some of the highlights from our sixth annual trip to the American Quilter's Society Paducah Quilt Show. The Paducah show is the biggest of the AQS shows, and so far it's our favorite. We love the people, the city, the energy, the food, the vendors and of course the show itself! We're hoping to share some of our favorite memories of the 2014 AQS Paducah Show with you here!

This week we're talking about the Ricky Tims' show and concert!

This is actually our second time seeing Ricky Tims at the Paducah show. We attended the first one in 2012, and were hesitant as we really didn't know much about his musical style. Ricky wears a cowboy hat, and since neither of us are big fans of country music we were a bit skittish. We were SO wrong. Ricky is an amazing performer, and his music isn't country!

This is the lobby at the Carson's Four River Center. The panoramic shot shows their display of all 30 AQS Best of Show winners for the last 30 years!

As before, Ricky put together a performance that incorporated storytelling, musical performance, audience participation and of course QUILTS! It really is nifty to see some of the quilts that he's worked on over the years, and to see the evolution of his quilting style.

This is the very first quilt he ever made. Look at the difference in color and design from the beginning to where he is now in the above photo!

This year Ricky also shared another first for us, the first piano from his childhood! He had some great video to go along with the story about how this piano was actually given to an older sibling for Christmas! 

After the concert Ricky came out to the lobby for pictures and autographs. I asked him to do something a little different than the usual photo and he took a selfie of the three of us. So fun! Ricky is really active on his Facebook page, so I think (I hope!) he got a kick out of this, too. 

Mom and I had a WONDERFUL time seeing Ricky again. We were very disappointed when he wasn't on the schedule in 2013, which made this year extra special. We plan to continue going to the Paducah show every year that we can, and will definitely get tickets to see Ricky Tims every time he's performing!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Momcat Monday-Versatile Wave Interchangeable Purse.

Always ready to learn something new, I recently took this class for the Verasatile Wave Interchangeable Purse (by Ruthann Stilwell from Susan Rooney Patterns) at Cut Up & Quilt with Ellen Lessmann.

For me it was a change of pace, relaxing from working on our book. I love the cute design of this purse, and that it has a reversible outer cover.

As soon as I complete it (won't be until later this summer!), I'll post my version of the Versatile Wave Purse.

Thanks for your tips on construction of this purse, Ellen!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Quilt Stores-The Fig Leaf.

One of the stops during our (Mom and Dad) road trip was Fort Collins, Colorado, where we visited the Fig Leaf Quilt Shop.

I originally saw the Fig Leaf group at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival last August 2013 in Loveland, Colorado, and enjoyed their collection of fabrics and accessories at the show. This year, on our way to Denver, I was determined to stop at the store to see what treats were in store for me.

It's a delightful shop shared with a furniture store. It continues to amaze me how many quilt stores I can visit and still find a different array of fabrics.

Purchases were made and I returned to the car to find my husband continuing to read his adventure story. He's got this "patiently read in the car" thing down to an art, emerging only when I need help carrying my purchases!