Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Paducah 2014-Author Happenings.

This was our sixth annual American Quilter's Society Paducah show, and just like every year it was a different show for us than the previous ones. This year's big change was, of course, our book coming out the week before the show, meaning we were able to use the show as a platform to launch our book! 

First, we spoke at an Author's Roundtable session run by the AQS Executive Editor Elaine Brelsford. This is actually the same session that we first attended back in 2012 when we were thinking about submitting our manuscript to AQS! It was fun to come full circle on this, as well as to meet some of the other new AQS authors.

We also got this super fun poster sized replica of our book cover! 

The second activity we did was four different sessions of author demonstrations in the AQS Expo Pavillion! 

The demonstration table was set up right by the display of author quilts and projects, which helped to draw people in too. We just loved how the AQS staff staged our containers. 

These were fun because it gave us a chance to show people how our English-paper piecing style and techniques really works, and how easy it to make the containers. 

It was a wonderful feeling to explain the technique and have people go "oh, wow!" when we demonstrated the last step that makes the final container shape. 

One thing we weren't quite expecting from this show, however, was how TIRING it was! We have so much respect for the AQS staff and all of the instructors who spent even more time than we did working the show. But even though it was tiring, we came away with so many ideas for promoting the book, as well as our regular inspiration and quilting energy we get at every quilt show. 

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