Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Paducah 2014-Remaindering Class.

Our second class at the AQS 2014 Paducah Show was Remaindering with Karen K. Stone

This class was definitely more of a stretch for both Mom and me, as it used a more abstract technique where layers were sewn together, cut apart, and then more layers were added. 

You can see the transition in the two photos below, and how the look of the block changes as each additional fabric is added.

This is definitely a technique that takes a bit of time to understand, and bit of turning your block every which way and muttering to make sure you get the fabric strips lined up right. Karen made good use of the white board in the classroom to provide a visual we could refer to as we worked.

Here is Mom's finished block!


  1. interesting technique. Great block!

  2. that looks cool.... bet you had fun!

  3. My sister and I took the class last April. We got behind and there were. I hand outs. Can you send me the instructions? I tried to email Karen but no response.