Friday, June 27, 2014

Quilt Stores-Quilter's Dream.

So as you can tell from some of our posts, Mom took a road trip from Nebraska out to Colorado earlier this year, stopping at as many quilt shops as she could sneak in a long the way. Today she's sharing her adventures from Quilter's Dream Quilt Shop.

Take it away, Mom!

Where are you little quilt shop? Sometimes the addresses on the GPS don't quite correlate with the shop address. But never fear, we were able to find the Quilter's Dream Quilt Shop in Loveland, Colorado. This "new" quilt shop wasn't officially open the first time we stopped - oh yes, we stopped again on our way home to Omaha!

Jackie and Sharon were delightful to talk with; the shelves are slowly being filled with fabric and patterns (it does help to deliver goods to the correct store!).

And I talked with Sharon about making the T-shirt quilt without using interfacing as well as the '10 Minute' Blocks Quilt (Design Originals; quilt designs by Suzanne McNeil).

Sharon informed me that she had quilters completing the block in 8 minutes. Their version using polka dots was adorable. Hmmmm, I wonder how it would look using hexagon fabric instead of polka dots? And yes, I do have both patterns!

Now to find the time to sew! Don't worry, the Hubby continued to read as well as telling me to take my time! What a wonderful guy!


  1. Love the "10 Minute" Block Quilt. What a great concept for donation quilts:)