Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.

On today's post, we read about another part of Mom (and Dad's) road trip through Colorado this year and their visit to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.

Written by Linda Chaney, Mother

As we continued our journey through Colorado, leaving Denver and heading indirectly to Estes Park, we were thankful that the roads were clear and we could enjoy the beauty of the snow covered mountains.

Rocky Mountains in Colorado

Rocky Mountains in Colorado

Golden, Colorado

Golden, Colorado, is the home of The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. This museum is nestled in a small building on the main street of Golden.

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

Although the museum space is small, it held a special exhibit - Quilts Made by Men - that was outstanding. Quilts by John Plutchak, CJ Baar, David P. Charity, Timothy J. Latimer and Ricky Tims as well as others were on display. It's difficult to say which one was my favorite because the themes and quilting were so diverse.

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum Manifestations

What's your favorite quilt museum to visit? 

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