Monday, August 18, 2014

More Lessons in Needle Tatting.

Written by Linda Chaney, Mother

As my desire to learn continues, I realized that I needed to try different patterns in a systematic order (must be the scientist in me).  So, I found a site with a collection of jewelry tatted items and have decided to try each of these from #1 to #33.  Unfortunately, the site is in Italian, but with English subtitles for the important information - such as needle size, thread size, bead size, and chain and ring patterns - I'm able to start my collection of jewelry patterns and learn something new with each item made.

So at breakfast, I watch a video from the YouTube channel for Le cose dello Anto, learning some Italian as well as writing the instructions for the pattern.  In the evening, I try my hand at tatting the sample of the day.

Needle Tatting, adding beads to a bracelet
Learning to add beads.

I don't necessarily make the jewelry item but aim to learn the technique used to make the sample that will be collected in my pattern book.  I have found this method to be very successful for me; I rewrite the pattern and include the sample and thread used to create it.

Needle Tatting, split chain with beads
Learning to do a split chain and add beads.

Lessons learned - how to write patterns, how to add beads on a picot, and how to create a split chain.

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  1. You are a smart girl, I am extremely impressed and can't wait to see where you go with these new-found techniques!