Friday, September 12, 2014

Festive for Friday-Quilting and the Apocalypse.

Written by Laura Chaney, Daughter

After quilting, one of my favorite hobby's is reading books. When I was a kid my parents had to implement a "no reading before school" policy because I kept reading instead of getting ready to leave the house! I read a pretty wide variety genres, mostly in fiction, and one of my all time favorites is post-apocalyptic fiction.

One of the blogs I read occasionally, Chicago Now, had a great post last week titled "Where are the Quilter's in a post apocalyptic world?"  The post is hilarious, talking about how quilter's would help get the world back on its feet after whatever disaster has befallen it. It made me think about other reasons quilter's would be the perfect companions if the end of the world comes.

1. Rotary cutters. Could there be a more menacing site that a gaggle of ladies with a sharp rotary cutter in each hand, ready to defend their family (and their stash!) from marauders?

Rotary Cutter
photo credit: mbaylor via photopin cc

2. The ability to use every last scrap of something to make something awesome. Patchwork quilts, crazy quilts, crumb quilts, string quilts. Quilter's don't throw anything away because it's always useful.

Fabric scraps

3. Patience and perseverance. Because you're going to be doing a lot of hand sewing. Plus fighting off the zombies or plague or whatever has caused the end of the world.

hand sewing

4. Skills. Like Kathy pointed out, quilter's (and all sewers in general) have skills that would be downright useful in a post-apocalyptic world. Everyone needs clothes to wear and sewing produces a product that could be sold or traded.

quilted container

5. A pre-made stockpile...of fabric. Also known as "the stash." Because if the end of the world is coming the last thing you'd want to do is run out of fabric.

fabric stash

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