Monday, November 17, 2014

Momcat Monday-Needle Tatting #8 (Rhombic Earrings).

Thus far, I've tatted rather simple and straightforward patterns that I could either view with YouTube tutorials or follow explicit, written directions.  It was time to venture into tatting multiple rings and chains. I used Tutorial #7 from my Italian YouTube Friend  (Le Cose Dell Anto) to learn how to deal with multiple rings and chains. I lost count of the number of times I had to undo the tatting to get the correct orientation for tatting chains or rings. In addition, those picots became very important! 

needle tatting rhombic earrings

Notice on the bottom sample there appears to be a hole in the center.  Obviously I didn't join the correct ring to the correct picot on this first rhombic sample. Not only did I have to locate the correct picot but also the picot on the correct ring! In the top sample the hole is absent - hurray! Success at completing this pattern. 

Now to get those rings and chains at the same tension. I feel that this will be a constant challenge for me but essential if I plan to make snowflakes for the holidays!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Festive for Friday-Making Progress.

Written by Laura Chaney, daughter.

I'm VERY excited to say that progress is being made in the set up of my sewing space!

It's not completely done yet, but it's definitely moving in the right direction! My Polar Notions mini-bolts fit perfectly in each cube and look so pretty, too! I think I might need to redesign how I store fat quarters and scraps, but for the moment we'll just work with this. 

What's made YOUR week festive? 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Make a Deep Lid for the Cube Container.

What do you do with 119 templates in a book? Make more containers! There are other containers that can be made using the templates within our book, Contain It! English Paper-Pieced Style Accessories. Throughout the year, we will be posting these containers with instructions. You will need to have the book in order to make these bonus patterns, but you can buy it on Amazon or from the American Quilter's Society.

First up - the Cube with a deep lid. Here's the original cube constructed exactly as indicated in Contain It!

Contain It! English Paper-Pieced Style Accessories

Two different lids can be made for the Cube.  This post describes a lid that will cover the entire original Cube container. Another post will be describing how to modify templates to create a more shallow lid. In either case, you will need the patterns for Template 78 and Template 80, found on pages 81 and 82 in our book.

To make the lid that will encase the entire Cube, proceed the same way that you did to make the original Cube. Using the pattern for Template 78, make the INNER STABILIZER and FABRIC templates (see pg. 9 on Make the Templates).

Using the pattern for Template 80, make the OUTER STABILIZER and FABRIC templates.  Follow the directions found for the Cube container (pages 25-27) using these larger pieces. The only difference between the original Cube and this new cube is the size - the cube formed using Templates 78 and 80 will be larger and fit over the original Cube.

Contain It! English Paper-Pieced Style Accessories

Not only will this new, larger cube cover the original Cube, it can function on its own as a larger cube container! Stack the two together, upside down, or store them nestled one inside the other.

Contain It! English Paper-Pieced Style Accessories

With the holiday season coming up, the cube with a deep lid would be the perfect container to use in place of wrapping paper for another small gift!

Contain It! English Paper-Pieced Style Accessories

We'd love to see pictures of your cube with a deep lid! You can email them to or share them on our Facebook page.

Stay tuned for the second version of the lid for the original Cube container!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Momcat Monday-Needle Tatting #7 (Curves and Swirls)

Written by Linda Chaney, mother.

My tatting lessons continue with more videos from Le Cose Dell Anto.  First up is an earring pattern, Tutorial #5.  Again, a simple pattern but stitch tension is important.  I think I'm beginning to conquer the tension for tatting chains. The differences between the front and back of the earring are very subtle.

needle tatting earring front

needle tatting earring back

Add a ring among the chains to create the swirl bracelet (Tutorial # 11). It was also my first adventure into adding beads - adding a bead to the large picot (loop) tatted on the chain  I was excited to tat this sample and will return to the pattern again to make a full size bracelet!

needle tatting swirl bracelet
Swirl Bracelet

Friday, November 7, 2014

Festive for Friday-Daylight Savings.

Written by Laura Chaney, daughter.

Festive for Friday

Well it's been one of those weeks at work, where there just isn't enough time in the day. Luckily for me the craziness was mitigated (slightly) by setting the clock's back an hour the end of Daylight Saving.

"Falling" back is pretty much a holiday in my book. It's the one time of year that we all get that magical 25 hour day. This year, I'm back to going to the gym in the morning before work so it was especially magical to have that morning light back as I leave the house.

Early morning sunrise

We'll just ignore for the time being the fact that I'm driving home in the dark...

What's made your week festive? 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Work (Not) in Progress (Again) Wednesday.

Written by Laura Chaney, daughter.

It's starting to feel I've spent the entire last year just moving from one place to another. Hopefully this last one will be it for a while, and I'm looking forward to REALLY settling in.

Here's the progress so far. I think all of my sewing and crafting supplies are in the right room, and we're just waiting for a delivery from Ikea to get my bolts of fabric set up.

sewing studio

This is what we've gotten for the closet, the KALLAX system from Ikea. We've taken the closet doors off and will line the back wall of the closet with this unit system. The shelves should work perfectly for my fabric on the Polar Notions bolts, as well as some of my scrapbooking supplies. 

KALLAX from Ikea

I'm keeping my same cutting table, but we're going to "float" it around the room so that it can be used wherever is needed and I can walk on all four sides to cut. 

Sewing Studio

Now that I look at these pictures, I can see my little handwork bag sitting in the corner of the closet. I think I'd better break that out again so I can work on some sewing before the organizing madness is done! 

What have you been working on lately?

Monday, November 3, 2014

Momcat Monday-Needle Tatting #6 (Ruffled Dahlia).

Written by Linda Chaney, mother

I'm constantly looking at tatting samples and patterns on-line. The intricacies and finished samples constantly amaze me.  I found this pattern for a Dahlia early on in my needle tatting (sorry, I can't find the reference for the pattern!).

Needle tatting-Dahlia
Original dahlia.
needle tatting dahlia
Original dahlia with variegated thread.
Remember that I'm still learning to adjust my tension on both rings and chains.  Although this seems like a simple task, correct tension for the specific project is a work in progress.  I was also trying to figure out another stitch that shuttle tatters do (balanced double stitch) but use my needle instead. This pattern emerged, which I call Ruffled Dahlia.  Perhaps others have created this; if so, I apologize.  But for me it was my first creative pattern!

needle tatting ruffled dahlia
Ruffled dahlia with variegated thread.
Variations include doing ruffled chains only and ruffled rings only,  Now to just determine how to stitch the balanced double stitch on a needle!

needle tatting ruffled dahlia
Close of up ruffled dahlia.
Momcat Monday
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