Monday, November 10, 2014

Momcat Monday-Needle Tatting #7 (Curves and Swirls)

Written by Linda Chaney, mother.

My tatting lessons continue with more videos from Le Cose Dell Anto.  First up is an earring pattern, Tutorial #5.  Again, a simple pattern but stitch tension is important.  I think I'm beginning to conquer the tension for tatting chains. The differences between the front and back of the earring are very subtle.

needle tatting earring front

needle tatting earring back

Add a ring among the chains to create the swirl bracelet (Tutorial # 11). It was also my first adventure into adding beads - adding a bead to the large picot (loop) tatted on the chain  I was excited to tat this sample and will return to the pattern again to make a full size bracelet!

needle tatting swirl bracelet
Swirl Bracelet

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