Friday, February 20, 2015

Storage Solution-Grandmother's Flower Garden

Written by Laura Chaney, daughter

This week's Festive for Friday is brought to you by what is pretty much the most dangerous place in the world: Target.

There's a Target by my office, and so every once in a while several of us girls will venture out over lunch to peruse the aisles and find all-the-things that we definitely need. Usually in the dollar spot, the current holiday aisle or the baked goods (our office has a penchant for their mini scones).

This last trip, however, I managed to bring home something that is totally awesome and useful from the dollar spot (albeit from their $3 collection):

Target geometric canister hexagon storage

This is a cute little metal jar with my favorite hexagons in teal and white on the outside. The exact same colors that happen to be in my sewing space at home! So of course I couldn't resist, and home it came.

Target geometric canister hexagon storage

Once home, however, the amazement continued when I discovered it is EXACTLY the perfect size to hold my completed flowers for my ongoing Grandmother's Flower Garden Scrap Quilt.

Target geometric canister hexagon storage

Clearly this is one more sign from the universe that random Target trips are a good thing and should happen more often!

Have you ever found anything random at Target that's turned out to be the perfect addition to your crafting space or home? 


  1. How great was that find! Love the color of the tin too. I love using turn tables/
    Lazy Susans to put the things I need the most while sewing. I found a chip and dip plastic gizmo at the dollar store that has 6 sections and a center section. I have a pincushion in the center and in the other sections I have those little red Clover brand clips, thread, pens, pencils, thread snips, etc.. The plastic gizmo sits on a Lazy Susan so I just spin it around to get at one of the tools I need.

  2. I think we all need one of those, hexies or not; it's adorable! This was certainly meant to be for you... SERENDIPITY; I love it; and Target!

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