Monday, March 23, 2015

Quilter's Tool Chest-The Basic Tools Roundup

Written by Laura Chaney, daughter

Prairie Sewn Studios Quilter's Tool Chest

Today's post is a round-up (yeehaw!) of the first ten posts in the Quilter's Tool Chest series. These are the basic tools that we'd recommend a new quilter or sewer invest in (or be gifted!) when starting out. Not a beginner? Use this as a checklist to see what basic items you might add to your tool chest to help making your quilting and sewing even more successful! 

Rotary Cutter
1. Rotary cutter
Self-healing cutting mat
3. Self-healing cutting mat

Flat-head pins
4. Flat-head pins

Good quality thread
5. Good quality thread

6. Scissors

Iron with steam
7. Iron with steam

Sewing Machine
8. Reliable sewing machine with both a straight and zig-zag stitch

Sewing machine needles
9. Good quality sewing machine needles

What are some of the basic tools that you keep in your Quilter's Tool Chest? 


  1. All of the above and, I might add, some good marking tools as well. I always tuck a fine lead mechanical pencil into my basic sewing kit that travels w/ me; you might be surprised to learn how indispensible that is! Great series of posts, Laura!

  2. All of those are good notions/gadgets. I also use/need a marking pen or other marking item like chalk. For quilting I like to use gloves. I also use fusible web, freezer paper and plastic for template making, so those are my other needed items.