Monday, March 23, 2015

Quilter's Tool Chest-Seam Ripper

Written by Laura Chaney, daughter

This post is part of our Quilter's Tool Chest where we share our favorite quilting notions, tools and gadgets.

We've talked about a lot of tools for sewing in our first nine posts of the Quilter's Tool Chest, giving suggestions and ideas of the gadgets that might be especially useful for a new quilter. Our tenth post, however, is about the importance of having a tool to UN-sew: the seam ripper.

Quilter's Tool Chest Seam Ripper

The reality is that even the most experienced sewer will make mistakes and need to take out a seam. Or many seams. As you quilt and sew you will have that moment when you realize that you have not only sewn one block wrong, but you have chain-pieced 100 blocks wrong.

There are other ways to rip out your seams, such as a rotary cutter or embroidery scissors.  We'll plan another post (and hopefully a video!) showing several different methods, but for the beginner we recommend starting with the trusty seam ripper.

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