Friday, April 10, 2015

Crafty Comment Karma-A Crafting Community Link-Up, 4/10/15

Written by Laura Chaney, Daughter

What a crazy week this has been! My day job is in higher education and spring break is definitely OVER and we've moved onto the end-of-semester madness. I try to keep my office at work filled with festive and cheerful things that make me happy. One of my newest additions is this amazing hula flamingo bobblehead that I purchased in Hawaii! I actually brought back a different animal for each of my staff members, so we have a very festive and hula-rific workplace now!

Flamingo hula bobblehead

For the crafty-related portion of today's post I want to point out the "My Quilt Place" mousepad! I use this every day at work as a little reminder of how the quilting (and crafting!) community make me so happy. If you haven't been there, My Quilt Place is an online community hosted by the American Quilter's Society. I've been trying to engage with the quilting community on there lately, too.

Flamingo Hula bobblehead

And now onto the link-up!

Link up Rules:
1. This will be a space for people to list a link to any kind of crafty, sewing or quilting blog post.
2. I ask that each person who posts a link comments on the posts of at least THREE other people.
3. More if you want to, but at least three.

This won't take more than a few minutes out of your day, but it will add so much value to the online crafting community.  Not sure what to say? We have a helper-cat to give you some ideas!


  1. That flamingo in the grass skirt is hysterical. I am sure it's even more fun when you see her doing the hula, lol!!! Definitely a fun thing for your desk to make you smile and remember your Hawaiian trip too.

  2. The flamingo is cute. I had never heard of My Quilt Place. I will have to check it out.