Friday, October 9, 2015

Crafty Comment Karma and a Poll About Quilt Backing

Written by Laura Chaney, daughter

Last week's poll was all about BINDING!

The results were again just as I suspected. For a slight majority of responses (56%), the method of cutting the binding is project dependent, and the rest always cut straight on the grain. No on responded that they always cut binding on the bias, which I suppose makes sense given the care that must be taken to ensure you don't distort the fabric when working on bindings cut on the grain.

How do you cut your binding?

This week's poll is all about QUILT BACKING.

This poll is about a part of the quilt that you may not see as much, but can be just as beautiful-the quilt backing! When I first started quilting in earnest, I remember quilt backs always being one fabric. It might be two pieces of that fabric sewn together, but the same fabric.

In the last few years I've started to see more and more quilters and artists make quilts that are almost double sided given the level of detail and intricacy that can be on the back of a quilt. Even when the backing isn't super fancy, it's not uncommon to see blocks, or a row of blocks sewn into the fabric backing. To me, it feels like quilt backings with pieced backs are generally more modern quilts, but maybe those are just the ones I've noticed.

What method do you most commonly use to make quilt backing?

Pieced backing
Single fabric backing
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Crafty Comment Karma


  1. Sometimes I sew together my scraps of one color family for the background of the front of the quilt when I do an applique, but I tend to use one fabric for the back because it's easier and if it's a wall quilt you never even see the backing. I have made one bed quilt backing using 2 fabrics that I alternated in wide strips because I didn't have enough of one fabric for the backing. I suppose it really comes down to what fabric and how much I have on hand, whether it's one fabric or more.

  2. Lots of times I'll add any extra blocks or strips to the back. It depends on whether the back will be seen very often. Pieced backs are lovely though, aren't they? I like that it has gotten to be popular to do that, because it's a good way to use up scraps.
    As I suspected I didn't get a new post done in time to link up today, but I'll be back next week!