Monday, October 5, 2015

Hexagon Based Tulip Vase-Countdown to Christmas 2015

Written by Linda Chaney, mother & Laura Chaney, daughter

Hexagon Base Tulip Vase Countdown to Christmas

Welcome to the first project in Countdown to Christmas series! We're kicking things off with a variation of one of the vases from Contain It! English Paper-Pieced Accessories. You'll need a copy of the book for the side and inner base templates. The new outer base template is below. 

Supplies Needed:

In addition to using some of the templates from Contain It! to make this vase, the book will also serve as the full set of instructions for prepping the materials and constructing the vase. Here is the basic outline of the steps, but be sure to also read the instructions for the Medium Concave Vase starting on page 35, as this new vase can be assembled following the same steps. 

You can do some really nifty things with the large size of the hexagon base. It's the perfect place to add a surprise focus fabric or other fussy-cut design, like Mom did with this beautiful sunflower. 

Inside of Hexagon Base Tulip Vase


1. Gather the supplies listed above and review the basic container instructions in Contain It! starting on page 9. 

2. Make your template pieces and cut the following pieces. Don't be fooled by the similarity of the two hexagon bases in the book. This new vase has slightly different dimensions, so be sure to follow the cutting and labeling instructions exactly as provided here. As always, be sure to label everything! 

     Template 10 - Inner Side - Cut 6 Stabilizer Pieces
                                                Cut 6 Fabric Pieces

     Template 11 - Outer Side - Cut 6 Stabilizer PIeces
                                                 Cut 6 Fabric Pieces

     Template 21 - Inner Base - Cut 1 Stabilizer Piece
                                                 Cut 1 Fabric Piece

3. Using Template 120 that you printed, cut the following pieces. Remember to use the 2"x2" square on Template 120 to ensure your pattern printed at the correct size. 

    Template 120 - Outer Base - Cut 1 Stabilizer Piece
                                                   Cut 1 Fabric Piece

Template 120 Prairie Sewn Studios
Click here for a printable PDF of Template 120. 
4. Follow the directions for vase construction that begin on page 35 (Medium Concave Vase). Remember that all of the 3-D containers are constructed in the same way with these basic steps:

  • Make the templates
  • Cut the stabilizer pieces
  • Cut the fabric pieces
  • Fuse the fabric and stabilizer pieces together
  • Assemble the Octopus
  • Sew the Octopus (hand or machine-see pages 13-15)
  • Complete the container with the outside base

Review the detailed directions on pages 9-16 with any questions. If you want to make sure the Octopus looks right, take a peek at the Concave Vase with a Hexagon Base diagram on page 42.

5. Decide what you'll do with your new vase! Keep it for yourself? Or give it as a hostess gift when you attend Thanksgiving or another holiday party? Either way, be sure to post your pictures on the Prairie Sewn Studios Facebook Page or email them to us at

Next up:

We'll see you next week on October 12 for the second project from our Countdown to Christmas with instructions to make the Gift Box with Lid!

Countdown to Christmas Prairie Sewn Studios

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  1. Such a great idea to continue the projects from "Contain It!"
    This vase is a beauty too!