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Pumpkin with Piping-Countdown to Christmas 2015

Written by Linda Chaney, mother and Laura Chaney, daughter

Pumpkin with Piping

Today we're sharing the fourth project in our Countdown to Christmas series! As with last week's Mason Jar Vases, you'll need a copy of Contain It! English Paper-Pieced Accessories for some of the templates and the full directions.

This particular post explains how to attach piping to a container, specifically the small convex scalloped top vase with hexagonal base. Remember that these directions could apply to any pattern within the book for attaching piping to an edge.

The photos in this post are specifically about how to add the piping to make this vase from the book into a festive pumpkin, so please refer to pages 60-63 in Contain It! for instructions on making this convex vase. Use orange fabric with green piping to create the pumpkin look!

Various materials can be used for creating the piping, including purchased piping. We usually prefer to make our piping using venetian cord as the inner material. It is thin, flexible and washable.

Supplies needed: 


1.Gather the supplies listed above and review the basic container instructions in Contain It! starting on page 9. 

2. Make your templates and cut the following pieces.  As always, be sure to label everything! Follow the directions in the book to fuse the fabric to the stabilizer with double sided fusible tape.

     Template 46 - Inner Side - Cut 6 stabilizer pieces
                                                Cut 6 fabric pieces
     Template 47 - Outer Side - Cut 6 stabilizer pieces
                                                 Cut 6 fabric pieces

     Template 52 - Inner Base (Hexagon) - Cut 1 stabilizer piece
                                                                   Cut 1 fabric piece

     Template 53 - Outer Base (Hexagon) - Cut 1 stabilizer piece
                                                                    Cut 1 fabric piece

3. Use the fused Outer Side as the measuring tool. Cut a piece of cording the length of the side. 6 strips will be needed, one for each Outer Side.

Measure the cording -Pumpkin with Piping

4. Cut 6 strips of cording fabric (the cloth you decide to use to cover the cording) 2 inches longer than the piece of measured cording by 1 inch wide.

Fabric for cording-Pumpkin with Piping

5.  Center the cording in the middle of the fabric, leaving 1 inch of fabric at each end. Fold the fabric over the cording, matching edges. Sew along the center of the fabric next to the encased cording using a zipper foot. Try to sew as closely as possible to the encased cording. This is your piping.

Attach cording with zipper foot-Pumpkin with Piping

6.  Lay a strip of 1/4" double fusible tape along the stitched edge of the piping, starting 1" from the bottom of the piping and ending 1" from the top of the piping. Place Outer Side, right side up, against piping edge with 1/4" double fusible tape and fuse piping to Outer Side. This can be ironed in sections, rotating the curved edge against the piping from bottom to top.

Add fusible tape to piping -Pumpkin with Piping

The piping should lie along the edge of the Outer Side, with an inch of piping extending beyond each end of the Outer Side.

Add fusible tape to piping -Pumpkin with Piping

7.  Place Outer Side with Piping wrong side up. Lay a piece of 1/4" double fusible tape to each free end of piping. Fold extra piping over to the inside (wrong side) of Outer Side and fuse in place. The cording itself should be along the edge of the Outer Side and will not slip out of place when the excess piping is folded to the inside. NOTE: If using purchased piping, try to remove extra cording at each end to eliminate excess bulk.

Add fusible tape to piping -Pumpkin with Piping

The tails of the fused piping should be on the wrong side of the Outer Side.

Add fusible tape to piping -Pumpkin with Piping

8. Repeat the piping steps for the other 5 Outer Sides.

Add fusible tape to piping -Pumpkin with Piping

9.  Once the piping is attached to the Outer Sides, start to sew the container together. Lay out the pieces in the Octopus; sew top edges of Inner Side to Outer Side; sew Inner Side to Inner Base. Sew Inner Sides together, starting at Inner Base.

DO NOT SEW OUTER SIDES together as usually done. Instead, continue to sew Inner Sides together. Then flip the Outer Sides, un-sewn, down over the Inner Sides.

Flip un-sewn outer sides - Pumpkin with Piping

10. Only a partial structure (not all Inner Sides are attached) is shown in the following photographs. Pinch the Outer Sides together. Starting at the top, sew adjacent Outer Sides together, being sure to close the "hole" at the top edge.

Stitch outer sides - Pumpkin with Piping

11. Sew Outer Sides together using a Ladder Stitch. Take a small stitch along the edge of the Outer Side, go through the piping close to the stitched piping edge to the other side, take a small stitch along the edge of the Outer Side, go through the piping close to the stitched piping edge to the other side.  Continue this process along the entire length of the Outer Sides.

Ladder Stitch-Pumpkin with Piping

Midway through sewing two Outer Sides together.

Ladder Stitch-Pumpkin with Piping

Completion of sewing two Outer Sides together. Continue sewing the Outer Sides together until all sides are sewn.

Outer side - pumpkin with piping

12. Check the top edge of the Container to be sure there are no "holes" at the transition from Inner Side to Outer Side. If there are holes, now is the time to close them up. It may be easier to do this by turning the structure inside-out and working from the wrong side. Remember, the structure is squishable!

Check for holes - Pumpkin with Piping

13. Complete the container by attaching the outer base using either a whip stitch or a ladder stitch

Review the detailed directions on pages 9-16 with any questions on general container assembly.

14. Decide what you'll do with your new pumpkin vase!

 A potpourri vase from the local dollar store will nicely inside this container.

Potpourri vase-Pumpkin with Piping

Fill with a beautiful bouquet of flowers to decorate you holiday table!

Pumpkin with Piping

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Next up:

We'll see you next week on November 2 for the fourth project from our Countdown to Christmas with instructions to make the Coaster Set!

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