Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Work In Progress Wednesday #48 - Blue Hexagon Progress

Written by Laura Chaney, daughter

The weather may still be hot outside, but cold and flu season seems to have started here in California. The sneezes and sniffles have been going around, and this week it was my turn. Tuesday I stayed home, getting lots of rest and fluids (just like Mom taught me). The afternoon found me snuggled into the green couch from my childhood, surrounded by cats and watching The Nanny Diaries on Amazon Prime while I basted hexagons!

All in all I based 23 of them during the afternoon movie (and catnaps). It didn't seem like much of an accomplishment for an entire afternoon, but then I added then I added them to the glass vase I'm storing them in.

Even though I've mostly been basting these just a few at a time, with today's additional 23 it was easy to see that I am indeed making progress. I looked at the pile of squares I had left (an entire charm pack of Ocean Waters Batik cut into 2" squares) and realized that pile had shrunk, while at the same time the vase was over halfway full.

As much as I love English paper piecing, it can sometimes be hard to see the progress when you only have time to work on few pieces at a time. This was a great reminder that it's ok if I only sew in little chunks of time, and that every stitch is a stitch in the right direction.

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  1. great vase. I'm making a hexie quilt and tend to make a weeks worth at a time. I'm up early in the morning and I make my hexies in that quiet hour before everyone else gets up

  2. I love to keep my basted hexies where I can see them too! They are pretty and a good way to spend your time which would otherwise not be used productively.

  3. I hope you feel better soon! I think you did good to get that many hexies basted. Have you ever tried glue basting them? I am not much for small fiddly work but I have a hexi project going and I took some of the stress off my fingers by glue basting then whipping them together by hand. I dont' know if that was cheating but it saved my arthritic fingers and some time I believe. Of course said project is not done but the hand work part is!

  4. Hi Laura! I totally agree, just a few hexies here and there add up much more quickly than you ever imagine. What a great idea to keep them in a transparent vase so you can see your progress...I might pinch that one ;) I hope you feel much better soon.