Friday, November 6, 2015

Crafty Comment Karma and a Poll about the Number of UFOs You Have

Written by Laura Chaney, daughter

Happiest of Fridays to you all! Super excited for the weekend, as I have TWO days to work on sewing, quilting, organizing and other projects as my boyfriend is otherwise engaged on both Saturday (work event) and Sunday (NFL). Woohoo!

Last week we asked about what you do with your finished quilts. 

Again I got some great feedback about this poll, in that most people do some/most/all of the choices, depending on what they're working on! I'll definitely keep working on my poll-writing skills to be sure we're getting accurate results.

That being said, as of November 6, we had 56 people participate in the poll, with a majority (62.5%) giving their quilts to friends or family. The next highest category was the 28.6% of people who keep their quilts for themselves.

Poll Results

This week we're asking about how many UFOs you have! 

Oh UFOs...are they the quilter secret shame, or are they a sign of blooming creativity that simply can't be completed within the hours available each week? This week we're asking how many of these bad boys you have. We'll consider UFOs any project that you are not CURRENTLY and ACTIVELY working on.

Remember, this is an anonymous survey and shame free zone. :)

How many UFOs do you have?

ZERO-I work on one project at a time, all the way to completion.
1-3 UFOs
4-6 UFOs
6-10 UFOs
10-15 UFOs
15-20 UFOs
More than 20
quiz maker

And now, on to the link-up! 

Haven't linked up before? Today is the day to join us!  Not linking up? Check out what others have worked on lately? Remember, the online community and sharing our work is part of what makes the internet so wonderful for quilters and crafters.

Crafty Comment Karma

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