Friday, November 13, 2015

Crafty Comment Karma and a Poll About When You Started Quilting

Written by Laura Chaney, daughter

Happy Friday! Another week gone by, and another busy week at that. Anytime my staff starts joking at work that they haven't seen me all week due to the number of meetings I've had I know it's gotten hectic again. But luckily I have another fairly unscheduled weekend, and I'm hoping to finish up my current Work In Progress of hexagon coasters!

Last week we asked you about how many UFOs you have.

I'll confess. I have 10-15 UFOs. I'm pretty sure some of these projects will never actually get finished. I've actually thought about taking some of the ones I'm no longer SUPER excited about and scavenging the orphan blocks to make something smaller and more manageable. I have visions of lots of table runners, wall hangings and bags made with orphan blocks!

Turns out I'm not alone in having a secret stash of UFOs. With 47 people voting, the winner with 36% of the votes is 1-3 UFOs. I'm majorly in awe of the 8.5% of people who have ZERO UFOs as they complete each project all the way through each time!

How Many UFOs Poll Results

This week we're asking about how old you were when you started quilting. 

I learned to sew as a child at the Bernina sewing shop in Omaha. I made lots of great projects there, including a pillow that I still have in my childhood bedroom! I made a single block wall-hanging for a Girl Scout project, but didn't really get into quilting until college. Sophomore year was when my interest in quilting really took off, and I haven't looked back since.

We want you to vote in our poll

How old were you when you started quilting?

0-5 years old
6-10 years old
10-15 years old
15-20 years old
20-25 years old
25-30 years old
30-35 years old
35-40 years old
40-45 years old
45-50 years old
50-55 years old
55-60 years old
60-65 years old
65-70 years old
Older than 70
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And now, onto the link up. 

Craft Comment Karma

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  1. Those early sewing experiences are such sweet memories Laura. I kept my children's pillows and mini-quilts, as it sounds like your Mom did too. I have fond memories of learning to sew in 4H club, but NOT of having to model what we made in front of judges on a runway. I hated that part.