Sunday, November 22, 2015

Crafty Comment Karma and a Poll About When you Quilt

Written by Laura Chaney, daughter

Well this post is getting up two days late, but I figure better late than never. It was a crazy week at work as we celebrated International Education Week, and yesterday I needed a day to just be completely AWAY from a computer. But here we are now, so let's get cracking!

Last week we asked about when you started quilting. 

This was such a fun question. I love seeing how much it varies from the very young to the very young-at-heart! Last week we had 148 quilters vote in our poll!

Poll results how old

This week we're asking about when you typically quilt during the day. 

You can mark more than one in case you're one of those lucky ducks who get to sew more often throughout the day.

When do you typically quilt?

Late Night
Whenever I have time to squeeze it in!
Poll Maker

And now, onto the link up! 

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