Monday, May 9, 2016

Elephants Never Forget

Written by Linda Chaney, mother

I've been quite busy piecing various projects - several ongoing year long projects as well as short term projects. One birthday project that I was extremely pleased and excited to give was a wall hanging I call "Elephants Never Forget".

Elephants Never Forget

My son's girlfriend, Shannon, is very active in the Alzheimer's Association in California and her favorite zoo animals are elephants.  When I found this pattern "Everest the Elephant" designed by Susan Fuquay in my pile of patterns, I immediately thought of Shannon.

By adding tatted flowers in the four colors used in the Alzheimer's Association to represent patients and families in various stages of the disease, I knew I could combine her interests in elephants and Alzheimers patients into one quilt. Shannon hung this quilt in her office.

I designed the free motion quilted elephant border and was extremely happy with the results of one of my first forays into free motion quilting.  Learning to free motion quilt has been one of my goals for 2016.

Elephant Free Motion Quilting

Thank you to Shannon and all those working to determine the cause of this debilitating disease as well as those who work with the patients and families dealing with Alzheimer's disease.  Based on our own personal family experience, it is very hard and sad to watch a loved one slowly forget. If only we could understand how elephants maintain their memory!

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