Thursday, October 13, 2016

Polar Notions Fabric Storage for Throwback Thursday

Written by Laura Chaney, daughter

One thing that Mom and I have both started doing over the past five years is purchasing slightly larger cuts of fabric so that we have more options for patterns that need more yardage. And by slightly larger we're usually talking one yard cuts, as compared to a fat quarter.

A couple of years ago at the AQS Paducah Show we discovered Polar Notions in the expo hall and have been hooked on them ever since. We typically purchase several boxes of them each year at the Paducah Show and make it a point get our fabric organized as soon as we get it home.

The Polar Notions are sturdy plastic storage sheets with notches cut in to help secure the fabric. You're basically creating mini bolts; each large sheet can hold up to ten yards of fabric! You just fold the fabric in half length-wise, tuck the ends into the notches, and evenly wind the fabric onto the new bolt.

We like them because it makes your pieces the same size and shape and thus easy to store in a bookshelf or cupboard. Mom likes to to use a cupboard with doors just to help keep the sunlight off the fabric to prevent fading.

They also make smaller sheets for storing fat quarters, but we typically get the large ones as that's the fabric size that we seem to struggle with storing the most. Sometimes we'll use the sheet to fold the fabric and then slip it off and stand it upright in the cupboard. Both sizes can also be used to store ribbons and trim, too. Biggest problem we have now is running out of shelf space!

Polar Notions have no idea who we are, we just love their storage sheets!! 

This content was originally published on Prairie Sewn Studios on December 3, 2013, and is being reproduced here for Throwback Thursday. #TBT

How do you store your yardage? 

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